About Us


PRUVA Shipping Agency Ltd., was established in 1995 in Istanbul, have been providing a comprehensive marine service including chartering and agency & technical services to ships calling on all Turkish Ports and particularly on transit through the Dardanelles and the Bosphorous by our technical and operating team of experts specialized on their fields.

As chartering activity, our main scope of business based on inter-Mediterranean/Black sea dry markets. Our shipbrokers, experienced in competitive market ranging from coaster to handymax size, have an excellent relationship with wide range of ship-owners and charterers internationally in the market, based on reliability gained over 25 years of working.

We mainly focus on quick and effective solutions, enable us to provide service at the level of the best quality and have determined the route of our current success.

With our more than 20 years experiences we have aimed all our efforts towards to timely notifications of our clients. All necessary mobile devices and vehicles are accessible to our staff to be able to provide immediate action towards solving the problem in time.

Why Choose Us

  • Our experienced staff, specialized on dry-docking, repair, agency, crew change, technical supply and ship chandler, is ready to evaluate our customer requests and render all kinds of service 24 hours a day with the highest operating standards and competitive price.
  • In order to give our clients, the best assistance service and to furnish the most qualified products can be needed by their ships, we have made very special agreements with a group of experts consist of many companies/suppliers which are the best names of their area. This also gives us the opportunity of having competitive price.
  • As well as providing the best assistance/consultancy service from our technical department, our clients who choose us their agency partner, will find extra opportunities and discounts for shipyard services.
  • Our technical team of specialist on machinery, steel&pipe job, mechanical, electronic and electrical works and supply, are always ready to attend your vessel in case of your urgent and timely request during vessels passing/port operations or in drydock.
  • As a result of our long standing gentleman’s agreements, which provide us considerable market powerin Turkey, with many coatings supplier companies, we have been also able to give our clients the best price for the product in best quality for many years.
  • We are also proud to announce that we are one of the main distributor of HEMPEL-Turkey, which is a world-leading coatings supplier for the decorative, protective, marine, container & yacht markets and we are ready to give our customer the best and competitive price and services with trusted technology, expert technical service,trusted advice.

In the light of our long-standing background and years’ experience in the maritime sector we continue to serve quality with reasonable price and timely action as our principal value of long-term and lasting relationships with customers and partners

Our Team

Melek Bozkurt

Melek Bozkurt

+90 532 262 34 41

Burak Gürsoy

+90 533 696 20 49

Hasan Çolak

+90 533 967 19 91

Aykut Gül

+90 530 783 12 42

Mehmet Emin Gürsoy

+90 542 457 17 36

Özdal Öztaş

+90 533 242 03 10

Selçuk Göçmez

+90 530 320 10 16

Kerem Tutuş

+90 533 699 79 82

İsmail Gürsoy

+90 532 553 78 91

Murat Berber

+90 542 716 84 84