-Shipping agency at Turkish Straits and all ports of Turkey

Transits, Port, Protecting and towage agency at Turkish Straits and all ports of Turkey


-Bunker-luboil-fresh water supply & analyzing


All kind of technical service and repairing,

  • dry-docking, new building, renewal of ships in partner shipyards in Tuzla & Yalova.
  • Ship repairing at any Turkish ports and during the transit passage from Turkish straits – (attending our own technician on board as your representative)
  • 24 hours repairing services for radar, gyro, main engine, turbo charger, cover, marine turbine, air-condition, pumps, valves, nav-com-sat systems, propeller, anchor etc…


-Technical supply

New & second hand spare parts, paints (especially Hempel, Jotun, KCC), anodes, filters, chemicals, etc…


Pruva Shipping has excellent relationships with international coatings / spare parts supplier companies. By partnering with global leading companies and brands in the areas where its active, Pruva Shipping can provide excellent service to its clients with competitive price for the product in the best quality for many years.


-Ship chandler supply service

Fresh provision, deck- cabin – engine requirements, admiralty marine publications & charts, stores etc.


-Crew change at all Turkish ports & Straits

invitation letter crew change formalities, bus & flight tickets booking, hotel reservation, meeting at airport & station.


– Waste Removals (As per MARPOL)

Bilge water, sludge, slop discharge, garbage, oily water, sewage, ballast water removal according to Marpol Regulations


Medical Attendance on Crew Members 


– Underwater Inspections and Surveys

Our experienced divers approved by all classes, giving professional services in the best quality without having any delay. Preparing detailed reports with pictures and video footage can be added in case required.


– Arranging Marine Surveys 

– Ship spares handling & supply

custom clearance, delivery during the passages and at all Turkish ports


– Legal Consultancy & Information Service